Traveling with a pre-existing medical condition. Can I still get coverage on my travel insurance?

Unexpected health problems or sudden injuries may unfortunately occur during a trip. Get protected today.


We all know how important it is to purchase travel insurance when we leave the country. Some of us are struggling to find reliable and affordable coverage. People with existing medical conditions often have a challenge when it comes to applying for travel insurance. Although sometimes difficult, it is not impossible to find affordable travel insurance that will offer peace of mind by covering existing medical conditions.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

For the travel insurance industry, an existing (or pre-existing) medical condition is a medical condition that has been diagnosed before your departure. The term medical condition is very broad as a definition and can include conditions such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or asthma to the most severe ones such as heart conditions, respiratory conditions, or even cancer. Some insurers will refuse to cover existing medical conditions, others will decline coverage if you have a specific condition or if you are affected by a set of conditions.

What are your options?

Above and beyond, always be honest with your broker and insurer. If you have an existing medical condition, it is important to declare it and declare any relevant information during the underwriting process. A false statement can lead to refusal of coverage even if sometimes the medical condition has no connection with the incident. In other words, the insurer agrees to cover a person based on the information provided to him. If anywhere along the way the insurer realizes that the information provided is not truthful or is incomplete, they are entitled to void the policy and deny any claim submitted on your behalf.

Another tip: Take the time to discuss your medical conditions and your needs with your insurance advisor. It is their job to find the right product, at the best rate and to cover all your needs during your stay abroad. A good advisor is not only present during the sales process of the product, but also during and after your trip to offer you support and follow-up.

Never refuse a treatment

In the past, people have asked their doctors not to prescribe them a treatment, or have refused to follow treatment prescribed by their doctors before starting a trip because they were afraid that this would affect their travel insurance coverage. Believe me, that game is not worth it! Refusing treatment prescribed by a doctor constitutes an exclusion from the travel insurance contract. Plus, you are playing an extremely dangerous game by risking your health. There are options in the industry that can cover conditions that are not stable… stability options for example. Some insurers even offer personalized underwriting.

I will not purchase travel insurance because it is too expensive, and I will return by my own means if there is an emergency!

Yes, as incredible as it may seem, I've heard it more than once. This idea is as incredible as it is ridiculous. Imagine yourself with chest pains, respiratory problems, or an open fracture! Do you go to the hospital or the airport? A 26-hour drive to return home or 6 minutes by ambulance to an immediate care facility? Do I have to elaborate on the subject?

You want to save on travel insurance?

There are several ways to save on your travel insurance. Among other things, if you have a medical condition, you could save by considering a higher deductible option. There are different types of deductibles available on the market, a particular insurer offers a deductible in case of hospitalization, meaning the deductible only applies if you are admitted to the hospital. Other options may be to exclude a medical condition if you feel that your condition is more or less minor. I also invite you to read How to properly protect yourself and save at the same time on your travel insurance

In conclusion, our experts always recommend having 2 or 3 different quotes to make a clear choice. A good broker will offer you a variety of products and insurers to choose from and is able to help you compare the offers from the different insurers.