Unstable Medical Conditions

Unexpected health problems or sudden injuries may unfortunately occur during a trip. Get protected today.

Unstable medical conditions

Unstable Medical Conditions

Most likely, your current health insurance policy has a stability clause of three, six, or even 12 months. What do you do? Can you afford to go with no coverage for your unstable condition? Chances are the answer is no!

Stable and controlled means that you should not have any changes in your state of health or the treatments you are receiving. That could apply to your condition even if your condition improves. Three, six, or even 12 months is a long time to wait, especially since the winter will be over by then!

soNomad has the solution for you!

soNomad has a zero-stability option for you! If you answer a few admissibility questions, it is very likely you can be fully covered for up to$10 million for your unstable condition…. even if it happened 2 days ago!

With soNomad, the options are there!

Call us today for your travel insurance and start planning your winter away from the harsh cold Canadian winter with peace of mind!