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Are you planning to visit Canada anytime soon? Are you parents or grand-parents looking for a Super Visa to visit your children and grandchildren? Perhaps you’re a foreign worker needing insurance protection to come work in Canada, or you’re an international student coming to study in Canada! Whatever the reason may be, you need a complete Visitor to Canada travel insurance to feel safe and enjoy your stay.
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Why do I need A Visitor to Canada Travel Insurance?

Simply put, you need good visitor to Canada travel insurance to protect you and your loved ones while visiting this great country. Protection is needed in case of a medical or dental emergency you or a family member may encounter while visiting Canada. If you’re a foreign worker, international student,  or immigrant to Canada waiting for coverage under a provincial health insurance plan, our plan is designed to cover you in case of emergency medical events that may occur during your stay in Canada. You will have peace of mind knowing that all our programs include 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance services.

You should know that the Canadian health care system does not offer free health care coverage to foreign visitors. Furthermore, the cost of medical services is very expensive and can run as high as 5,000 $ a day or more in hospital fees if you’re not insured!

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Why Buy From A Canadian Insurance Company?

Canadian insurers offer a wide variety of coverage options and compared to insurers from other countries they have agreements in place with Canadian hospitals for direct billing. No need to worry, Canadian insurers will not only manage your claim with the hospital but will also take direct payment arrangements with them to help you get back on your feet.
Coverage options start for as low as $10,000 and can go up to $300,000 per policy period. Canadian policies also offer all the coverage benefits you need to properly protect you in case of any emergency.

They also include repatriation benefits to your home country and can also air ambulance you back to your country of origin to be back with your loved ones while you recover from your medical condition. Before buying coverage from any insurer, you should consider Canadian insurers if you are visiting Canada. Rates can be much lower and coverage may be of better quality.

Why soNomad?

soNomad cares for people! They’re experts in the travel insurance industry with over 20 years of experience. We have the lowest rates on the market for visitor to Canada travel insurance. We revolutionize the way you get your coverage for all your travel insurance needs. With our brand-new exclusive products, we’re completely upfront and transparent compared to other companies that will take up to 45% commission on your policy premiums.

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Our Visitors To Canada Insurance Features And Benefits



Low premiums

Save Up To 25% On Your Premiums

Zero commission

No Commission, Just A Small Fee Per Transaction

Covid-19 coverage

Complete coverage for COVID-19 and all variants at no extra cost regardless if the Canadian Government decides
to impose another warning for all non-essential travel.

24/7 Assistance

Multilingual emergency assistance services 24/7

Drug coverage

Coverage for your medical drug

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Medical and dental coverage

Emergency medical and dental, hospital care, ambulance, physician and more

Age coverage

Coverage for visitors up to age 89

Out of Canada

Full coverage for out of Canada trips

1 year coverage

Insurance coverage up to 365 days

Visitors to Canada plans are ideal for:

  • - Tourists visiting Canada
  • -Super Visa for parents and grandparents visiting their loved ones in Canada
  • - International students coming to Canada to study
  • - Foreign workers coming to Canada for work
  • - Landed immigrant newcomers to Canada
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Visitors To Canada Travel Insurance

Super Visa travel insurance family image

Super Visa Travel Insurance

Get the best coverage for your loved ones with our SUPER VISA insurance program. Our insurance programs answer the requirements issued by the Government of Canada
Foreign worker travel insurance group image

Foreign Workers Travel Insurance

If you or if you have family members or friends coming from abroad to visit, you can get great coverage for emergency medical expenses while in Canada. Ideal for short or long term stays.
Travel insurance is arranged by soNomad, an insurance of persons firm, all rights reserved. Coverage and product
offering may vary from one insurer to another, please refer to your policy for details.  
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