Insurance for your loved ones that are visiting Canada

Unexpected health problems or sudden injuries may unfortunately occur during a trip. Get protected today.

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Insurance for your loved ones that are visiting Canada

Insurance for your loved ones that are visiting Canada

It is important to have insurance when you are leaving your country of residence. Why not protect your loved ones that are coming to visit you. Many insurance companies offer this type of insurance for accidents and sicknesses that could happen during their visit to Canada. Here are some important details that will help you in your search.

For starters, the contracts for visitors to Canada have many different coverage options. The amounts can vary from $10 000 to a maximum of $300 000. Deductibles are also available to help lower the premium. The maximum duration of a contract is 365 days, however, if the insured wishes to stay longer, it is possible by purchasing another contract. Some insurance companies have an age limit, but most cover up to 89 years old.

Also, it is important to purchase the insurance before the arrival of your loved one. If the dates change, do not worry, it is possible to change the dates before arrival if the policy has not started. If ever you have forgotten to purchase the insurance before the arrival, you can still buy it but there will be a waiting period between 48 hours and 15 days. This varies on the insurance company. During the waiting period, they will be covered for accidents only. Once the waiting period is over, the insured is covered for accidents, health problems and conditions that were stable before they entered Canada.

Are your loved ones visiting Canada but would like to travel to the United States or spend a week on a beach in Mexico? Well, it is possible. The visitor to Canada coverage will allow them to leave the country and keep their coverage with a couple of exceptions. One of them is that if the insured returns to their home country the coverage automatically ceases. It is also important that the time out of Canada does not surpass the days in Canada, in other words, most of the trip must be within Canada (51% of the total number of days or more).

For a long-term visitor, you can apply for Super Visa coverage. This request is limited to the applicant's parents and grandparents. This application obligates the person to purchase coverage of 365 days with a $100 000 minimum coverage. However, if the visitor does not stay the full duration of their contract it is possible to request a prorated refund. This can only be requested if there have not been any claims incurred on the policy. In this case, the insurance company would require proof of return to their home country (pictures of all the pages of the passport and boarding pass etc.). Another situation that could occur would be if the super visa application is refused and the applicant decides to cancel their trip to Canada. In this situation, a complete reimbursement could be processed if the policy has not started. Unfortunately, if you contact the insurance company to cancel a policy that has started, an administration fee will be applied to the cancellation. This applies to all visitor to Canada contracts.

The last important detail before purchasing your Visitor to Canada policy would be knowing the medical history of your loved ones. The contracts do not have a medical questionnaire but do require that you respect the eligibility questions. Whether it’s changes in medication, a new diagnosis, or other elements that determine if they are insurable and if they will be covered for their pre-existing medical conditions. Also, it is very important to read the terms and conditions of the contract because not all insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions.

Do not hesitate to contact your insurance company for more details on the visitor to Canada coverage. Now nothing is stopping you from planning your loved one’s next trip!