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The most affordable travel insurance for Snowbirds

Heading south this winter? You can save up to 25% with our exclusive insurance products!

Snowbirds travel insurance

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What makes our Snowbird travel insurance soUnique?

Travel insurance should be quick and easy! And most of all affordable! Our travel insurance is that and more. soNomad is a one-stop travel insurance shop for Snowbirds with lower fees and access to exclusive insurance products you won't find anywhere else. Our travel insurance is peace of mind for Snowbirds of all ages.

Why soNomad is the #1 choice for Snowbirds?

We've reinvented travel insurance for Snowbirds of all ages with an industry-first platform that uses advanced underwriting technology to quickly assess your application based on your needs.

On top of that, soNomad's commission is lower than that of traditional brokers. And we pass along these savings directly to you. Quickly and conveniently!

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soNomad’s Snowbirds Medical Insurance benefits

We offer coverage for emergency medical care.

COVID-19 coverage at no extra cost.

Obtain coverage for your pre-existing medical conditions.

Choose from a wide range of deductibles.

Take advantage of our unique deposit option and guarantee your rates

Look into our annual multi-trip options and lock in even more savings

We charge no administrative fees for date changes or cancellations

Snowbirds Emergency
Medical Protection

Our emergency medical products include the following benefits and much more.

Emergency Medical

24/7 Emergency

Air Ambulance




FAQ’s Snowbirds Travel Insurance

How can I benefit from your deposit option?

Our deposit option gives you the advantage to guarantee and lock in your rate today and avoid any increases or changes in premium. With a small amount, not only do you lock in your rate for upcoming travels, but you can also benefit from our no administrative fees for date changes or cancellation fees should you cancel your trip

Is COVID-19 emergency medical care covered abroad?

Yes, all our programs offer COVID-19 coverage provided that no symptoms have appeared before your departure date and that you answer the stability requirements in the policy.

When does the insurance become effective?

Medical insurance coverage begins at the date and time you leave your province or territory of residence. If your travel insurance coverage includes cancellation and trip interruption benefits, the effective date will be the date of your purchase. Therefore, between the date of purchase and prior to your departure date, you will be covered for events that could lead to cancelling your trip.

Can I purchase travel insurance after my departure?

Our products will allow you to subscribe after leaving your province or country of residence. In this case, any sickness that manifests during the waiting period after the effective date is not covered, even if the related expenses are incurred after this period. It is recommended you always purchase your insurance prior to your departure from your province to avoid limiting your benefits.

What should I do in case of medical emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency during your stay, you must contact emergency assistance listed on your travel insurance card before seeking care. A traveler who does not contact emergency assistance prior to receiving treatment may have his coverage reduced or limited. In the event that you cannot contact emergency assistance prior to receiving treatments, you can ask someone to call for you, or call as soon as it is possible.

Can I be covered for my pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, our exclusive product plans provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, as long as you meet the eligibility and stability requirements.
Our easy to use state of the art medical declaration tool was developed to simplify the underwriting process and guarantee coverage for your preexisting medical conditions.


Can I obtain a partial insurance premium refund if I shorten my trip?

In the event of an early return, you can request a refund for the unused portion of your insurance premium. You must not have made any medical claims or have any pending claims that will be forwarded to the insurer. For an early return to be valid, you must have returned to your province of residence.

What happens if my medication changes or my health condition changes between the date of my insurance purchase and the date of my departure?

A change in medication or health can affect your eligibility to the policy. You must contact us to update your medical declaration. This will help us determine whether you are still eligible for this policy or not. This can also affect certain exclusions and possible premium adjustments.

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