Making a difference, one step at a time.

We believe that small changes can create a better and brighter future.

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We aim to help change the world.
Nothing less.

We are more than just passionate about providing peace of mind to travelers. We are dedicated to making a difference, ensuring our impact extends far beyond the travel insurance industry.

Proudly supporting Leucan

We are proud to have partnerned with Leucan and to be the official travel insurance provider for the 2024 Leucan Expedition in Morocco. This cause is dear to our hearts.

We’re excited to share that Maude Prévost, our Digital Marketing Manager, embarked on this incredible journey as one of the 60 participants. The remarkable initiative supports children and families affected by cancer, and we couldn’t be prouder to have one of our own contributing to such a meaningful cause.

Building a
Greener Future

At soNomad, we believe in exploring the world while respecting it. That’s why we take pride in being a carbon-netural company, working hard to minimize our environmental impact. We achieve this through a variety of initiatives, from fostering a remote workforce that cuts down on car emissions to eliminating paper by only using digital resources.

This dedication to sustainability is an ongoing mission, and we’re constantly seeking new ways to lessen our footprint and maximize our positive impact on the planet.

Creating Changes: Paid Volunteer Days

Every soNomad team member has the opportunity to take 2 paid volunteer days to support causes they hold dear. This not only empowers our employees to actively contribute to meaningful organizations but also reflects our dedication to creating a more compassionate and socially responsible future.

Let's join forces to create meaningful change, one volunteer day at a time. Together, we shape a brighter, more socially conscious future!

Our Impact in Action

Discover the initiatives we’ve undertaken and the real-world impact we’ve made.

New adventure in sight: The Leucan Expedition in Morocco

The Expedition is a 12-day adventure in Morocco that takes us deep into the heart of the desert and mountains, from sand dunes to snowy peaks.

Who is taking this commitment to a sustainable future?

Get to know the passionate individuals driving our mission to make
a positive impact on the world, one trip at a time.

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