New adventure in sight: The Leucan Expedition in Morocco

The Expedition is a 12-day adventure in Morocco that takes us deep into the heart of the desert and mountains, from sand dunes to snowy peaks.

Maude from soNomad
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New adventure in sight: The Leucan Expedition in Morocco

I've wandered on many paths, from Alaska to Romania, through sunny places like Mexico. The passion for travel and adventure fuels me, nourishes me, and guides my steps like a flame that cannot be extinguished. My name is Maude, I'm an adventure enthusiast, a backpack addict, a digital nomad, and let's admit it, a weekend traveler.

My travels have taken me from laughter to tears, from joy to nostalgia, from excitement to boredom. I've tasted the joys of solo travel, the discoveries of duo adventures, I've watched friendships grow into acquaintances. Travel has always held a special place in my heart, and now anew adventure is on the horizon, one that I share with soNomad and with all those who will be captivated by the stories I tell.

New Job, New Challenge

In May 2023, an opportunity presented itself to me when soNomad, a company specializing in travel insurance, was looking for a Digital Marketing Manager. That's when I joined their team, diving headfirst into the world of travel insurance. Right from the start, the founders, Eve and Mathieu, shared with me their exciting mission: not only to revolutionize the travel insurance industry but also to make a positive impact in our community. They made it clear that we could excel in our work while continuing to cultivate our personal passions.

A new opportunity arose when we were chosen as a partner for the Leucan Association's Leucan Expedition in Morocco. Simply partnering with this incredible cause wasn't enough for us. We wanted to be more involved, to make a real difference. That's when a brilliant idea emerged: what if one of our employees actually took part in this challenge? As you may have guessed, I had the privilege of accepting this incredible opportunity for an adventure and travel enthusiast like myself.

But what is the Leucan Expedition in Morocco?

When I decided to get involved, I had no idea what I was truly signing up for. It wasn't until I met other participants that I fully grasped the magnitude of this challenge, and that was already two months after accepting. The Expedition is a 12-day adventure in Morocco that takes us deep into the heart of the desert and mountains, from sand dunes to snowy peaks.

It involves conquering the imposing summit of Mount Toubkal, standing at an altitude of 4167 meters, and ascending the majestic Erg Chebbi sand dune. To give you an idea of the scale of this challenge, consider that Mount Toubkal is more than 2.5 times the height of the highest mountain in Quebec, Mount D'Iberville, which reaches an altitude of 1646 meters. So, what does it take to prepare for this grand adventure? Training, for sure!

10 burpees, 50 squats, 1000 meters of rowing –repeat…

No one should embark on an adventure without preparation. So it was armed with my motivation and during my spare time that I returned to Crossfit, at Crossfit Soprema (indeed, a shoutout to my friends in Drummondville)! Multiple workouts a week, cardio, and a variety of mountain outings whenever possible are recommended.

Equipped with my brand new crampons, I feel ready to face the trails and summits, no matter the season. It's almost ironic, as someone who's not a fan of winter sports, I seem to have found a winter activity to enjoy. There are days when motivation is scarce, when the desire to train seems to vanish. But I remind myself that training is an integral part of this adventure, and every squat, every burpee, every mountain hike brings me closer to my goal.


$3,000 for Leucan

Raising at least $3,000 for Leucan is a challenge in itself, in addition to the immense adventure of this hike. It's a true test of generosity, where we reach out to our acquaintances, friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers. We share the news on social media, ask everyone to spread the word, and reach out to anyone willing to listen. Participants organize golf tournaments, spaghetti dinners, and contact businesses for financial support. In short, we make considerable efforts to collect these donations and contribute to a cause close to our hearts.

In total, our collective goal is to raise an impressive sum of $150,000. It's important to note that these funds are entirely given to Leucan and do not cover equipment or registration costs. Every dollar we collect is a direct contribution to Leucan's mission.

Where am I with my fundraising?

As I write these lines, I've already raised $1,160. Things are progressing well, and each participant is working at their own pace to collect their donations. To go further and reach my goal, I've decided to organize an online auction, which will be available soon! This new initiative promises to be an exciting experience in terms of organization and solicitation.

In the meantime, for those who wish to contribute and make a real difference in the lives of children affected by cancer and their families, I want to inform you that my donation page is accessible online directly on Leucan's website! And rest assured that a tax receipt is issued for all online donations!

Every contribution, no matter its size, is of paramount importance, and I warmly invite you to join this important cause alongside myself and the soNomad team. Your generosity is a powerful engine for change, so don't hesitate to be part of this beautiful adventure with us.

See you next time!

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