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Visitor to Canada insurance is for:

Short- or long-term trips and visitors to Canada

Super Visa holders

Future residents of Canada and those awaiting paperwork or for their own private insurance plans to kick in.

Workers in Canada awaiting the start of their group insurance benefits.

International students

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Visitors to Canada insurance coverage?

Are you planning to visit Canada in the near future? If so, make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones with our travel insurance for visitors to Canada.

Accidents and emergency illness can strike at any time and you could be faced with a significant out-of-pocket medical expense. As you know, non-Canadian residents aren’t covered by our Government health insurance plan.

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existing travel insurance?

Looking for super visa insurance coverage?

No problem! You can rest assured that our products follow the requirements from the government of Canada for Super Visa applicants.

In case of an emergency, you can have peace of mind knowing that all our programs include 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance services.

Our visitors to Canada insurance
has all the benefits you need

Protect your next trip with the following benefits and much more.

Emergency Medical



Prescription Drugs


24/7 Emergency Assistance


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FAQ’s About Visitors to Canada Insurance

I'm visiting Canada, can I buy insurance if I am already in Canada?

Yes, you can buy one of our insurance plans even if you are in Canada. An initial wait period of usually 48 hours will apply before coverage starts for any health issues or symptoms. There are no wait periods for any accident or Injuries.

I'm visiting Canada, does your plan allow me to travel in the United States and still be covered?

If you have visitor to Canada coverage, you can travel outside Canada as long as you spend the majority of your time in Canada. Your trip must begin and end in Canada. The trip length outside Canada differs from one policy to another.

Why should I buy Visitors to Canada insurance from a Canadian company?

Of course, you can purchase a travel insurance policy from an insurance company based in another country but remember that a Canadian insurer knows and understands the Canadian healthcare system and they have the expertise to find the best care for you. Canadian hospitals know these Canadian insurers and therefore may simplify your claims process and help avoid paying thousands of dollars during your emergency and having to wait for reimbursement.

What is the coverage amount available on a Super Visa insurance program?

Super Visa travel insurance covers you against unforeseen medical emergencies and hospitalization in Canada. Coverage must be a minimum of $100,000 and can go up to $300,000 and must be valid for one full year.

What is the currency used to calculate my insurance premium?

The premium will be calculated and paid in Canadian currency.

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