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Visitor to Canada insurance is designed for:

Workers in Canada awaiting group insurance benefits

Travellers to Canada for short or long durations

Foreign students

Future residents of Canada awaiting provincial insurance

Returning Canadians

Coming to Canada soon?

For you, your family, and your loved ones, Visitor to Canada protection shields you against the unexpected.

While Canada offers exceptionally comprehensive universal health insurance coverage, it is exclusively reserved for Canadian citizens. Non-Canadian residents, tourists, visitors, and even their non-Canadian family members are excluded from the Canadian health insurance program.

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A plan tailored to your needs

On your next visit to Canada, protect yourself and your loved ones with the following benefits and much more:

Emergency medical and dental care



Prescription medications


24/7 emergency assistance

COVID-19 coverage at no additional cost

Coverage from $25,000 
to $300,000

No modification fees

FAQ’s about Visitors to Canada Insurance

Why should I buy Visitors to Canada insurance from a Canadian company?

Of course, you can purchase a travel insurance policy from an insurance company based in another country but remember that a Canadian insurer knows and understands the Canadian healthcare system and they have the expertise to find the best care for you. Canadian hospitals know these Canadian insurers and therefore may simplify your claims process and help avoid paying thousands of dollars during your emergency and having to wait for reimbursement.

Why should I buy my Visitors to Canada coverage from soNomad?
  • Our plans are designed for non-Canadian residents entering Canada for short- or long-term stays.
  • Easy to renew should you decide to stay longer.
  • No fees or penalties, full reimbursement of the unused portion of the insurance if you decide to leave earlier or should you cancel prior to your arrival in Canada.
Can I buy a policy if I am already in Canada?

You should always buy Visitors to Canada insurance prior to your entry into Canada. If you are already in Canada and have no coverage, an initial wait period of usually 72 hours in case of sickness and illness applies before coverage is in full effect. There is no wait period for accidents and injuries.

Does your plans allow me to visit other Countries, including the USA, and still be covered?

If you have visitor to Canada coverage, you can travel outside Canada as long as you spend the majority of your time in Canada. Your trip must begin and end in Canada. The trip length outside Canada differs from one policy to another.

What is the difference between Visitors to Canada and Super Visa insurance?

Eligibility criterias are different for a Super Visa compared to a Visitors to Canada policy. While the government of Canada requires Super Visa applicants to subscribe a minimum of $100,000 in coverage from a Canadian insurance company for a full year, a Visitors to Canada policy offers you the flexibility to select your coverage amount and duration.

I am a returning Canadian after a long stay abroad, can I apply for Visitors to Canada in insurance?

If you are returning to Canada and have no provincial health insurance, our plans are designed to cover you until you receive your provincial health insurance plan.

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