Ambassador Spotlight: Roxana's Journey of Self-Discovery Through Travelling

Step into the vibrant world of soNomad ambassador, Roxana, as she shares her remarkable journey through 26 countries and counting.

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Ambassador Spotlight: Roxana's Journey of Self-Discovery Through Travelling

Step into the vibrant world of soNomad ambassador, Roxana, as she shares her remarkable journey through 26 countries and counting. Accompanied by her trusty backpack, Roxana invites you to witness her authentic adventures on Instagram, where she shines a spotlight on unique travel experiences. 

It all began nine years ago during her transformative exchange year in France, igniting a passion for travel that propels her toward her goal of visiting 30 countries by the end of 2024. 

Get ready to delve into Roxana's inspiring tales, learn from her experiences, and catch a glimpse of the exciting adventures that lie ahead!

1. How many countries have you explored and which one stole your heart?


“That's a great question. I have been to 26 countries so far, and two countries that I have travelled to really have stolen my heart. 

The first one is Denmark. I went to Copenhagen, and ever since I went to Copenhagen, I cannot wait to go back. It's just a super clean city. I didn't see one piece of litter anywhere, and everyone was just so kind, and everything was just so mellow, chill, and relaxed. I loved that feeling, and everything was so efficient. Denmark has stolen my heart! 

The second country that stole my heart has to be France. I did my year abroad while I was in university there, and ever since I've been there, whenever I go to Europe, I always make a pit stop in France, just stopping in Paris for a couple of days before I continue my trip. It's now a must whenever I cross the pond.”

2. What inspired you to start travelling, and what insight have you gained from it?


“That is a heavy question because when I started my journey or my travel content creator journey, one of the mottos I had was discovering myself through adventure and travel has allowed me to become the person I am today

I was inspired to start travelling when I did my year abroad in France. I caught the travel bug. It was my first time across the pond, and I just wanted to go to as many places as I could with friends that I had met. And really, it's the people that make your experiences. I'm so thankful that I had that experience as a student abroad. I wouldn't trade it for the world. If I could do it again, I would. 

I think travel has made me a person who lives by the motto that “strangers are just friends that you haven't met yet.” I've met so many people along my journeys that I still keep in touch to this day. They were strangers at one point in time, and now I consider them friends, and whenever I'm in their area, I pop by. So I think it has made me, I don't know, just more connected to people.”

3. Do you have a hidden gem in Mexico that nobody talks about?


“Mexico is a country that I think everyone should visit. It's absolutely gorgeous. The food is incredible. The weather is incredible. 

But truly, the gem of Mexico is the Mexican people. They are so kind, and the hospitality is unmatched. So the hidden gem for me in Mexico would be the people.”

4. Between travelling to Ecuador and Costa Rica, which one would you recommend the most?


“So, I spent 10 days in Costa Rica and six days in Ecuador, and I would still recommend Ecuador to go over Costa Rica. They are both beautiful countries, don't get me wrong. 

Costa Rica is absolutely stunning, but Ecuador has a little bit of everything. You can go to the mountains, you can see snow, you can go to the beach, you can be in a metropolis city centre. There's a little bit of everything. You've got the Galapagos Islands right there. It's a country that has a little bit of everything. And also, price-wise, your dollar will go much further in Ecuador than in Costa Rica. That was my experience.” 

5. How was your Tunisia backpacking experience? Any advice for beginners?


“Tunisia was incredible, and if you get the opportunity to go to Tunisia, please go. I went to Tunisia with no expectations. I had a friend doing her master's there, and I was like, okay, perfect opportunity to travel somewhere completely new. And I happened to be there during Ramadan, so I think it added another level or layer of experience. 

So if I were to give any advice, it would be to always carry change on you. Always carry some dinar on you and go with a friend who has a very high level of French or can speak Tunisian Arabic. Those would be my two recommendations. 

Oh, and have Google Translate on your phone because Google Translate. You can take pictures and it will translate for you anything that you need.”

6. What are your favourite US destinations for a 3-day trip?


“It depends where you are because if you are already on the West Coast, then I would probably say spend three days in the LA and surrounding area. Three days is not enough, but you can definitely get a taste of LA and the surrounding areas. 

If you're on the East Coast, you could do Detroit and the Upper Peninsula for a couple of days, and you could get a great variety of cities, cottage country, and lakes. 

Ooh, an easy three-day trip would be to go to New Orleans. We did three days, and it was a perfect amount of time to see New Orleans, experience it, and do some tours. New Orleans, New Orleans is the answer.”

7. How is solo travel different from travelling as a couple based on your experiences?


“It's completely different. I think travelling solo is an opportunity for you to be completely in tune with yourself, your thoughts and your peace. One of the things that I love about travelling by myself is that I am on nobody's schedule except my own. So, if I want to grab street food in the middle of the night, I can go grab street food. Or if I want to go kite surfing, I can go kite surfing if I'd like to. Or if I'm tired, if I'm too tired and my body's saying, Roxana, I need some rest. I can just go and take a nap and wake up when I want to wake up and continue going through my itinerary as I please. 

Going as a couple, the dynamic is really different, especially if your partner is a traveller or if they're a vacationer. That dynamic is also very different. 

They're both amazing ways to travel. I have no preference. If I get a chance to do some solo travel, I will take it. If I get to travel with my partner, I will take that too. They're both really exciting experiences that I would not trade for the world. So anytime they come my way, I will take them.”

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