Canadian Backpackers: What Is the Best Travel Insurance for Your Backpacking Trips?

Why purchase travel insurance for a backpacking trip?

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Backpacking Travel Insurance for Canadians

What could be better than going backpacking to explore the world? Backpacking is a unique way to travel that allows you to go off the beaten path and immerse yourself in different cultures. 

It’s like diving into an ocean of adventure, with the freedom to personalize your itinerary and live authentic experiences at your own pace. 

You meet locals, make friends from around the world, and discover our planet’s natural beauty, all while learning how to fend for yourself. And the best part is that it’s often more affordable than organized trips!


Alas, all this freedom comes with a responsibility: purchasing travel insurance! No one wants to end up with huge debts because of an accident or a medical emergency abroad. So why purchase travel insurance for a backpacking trip?

Financial protection in case of emergency

Travel insurance provides you with financial protection in the event of unplanned medical costs during your backpacking adventure. Even if you’re in good shape and feel invincible, no one is immune to accidents or illness. And you certainly don’t want to find yourself with a huge medical bill when you return home.

Medical coverage abroad

Backpacking around the world exposes you to various risks. Even if you are young and in good health, a road accident or sickness can occur at any time. Travel insurance provides adequate medical coverage and covers the necessary medical care costs during your trip.

Assistance in case of problems

With travel insurance like the one offered by soNomad, you will benefit from assistance in case of an accident or medical emergency. An agent will ensure that the right decisions are made according to your situation. A doctor might even validate medical decisions remotely to avoid unnecessary or inappropriate treatments. The assistance agent will also be able to contact your family and organize your repatriation if necessary. You will be supported throughout your medical emergency. This assistance will provide you with true peace of mind during your travels, knowing that you will be cared for in case of serious medical emergencies.


Myths surrounding travel insurance for backpackers

Now that you understand why it’s so essential to purchase travel insurance for your backpacking trip, let us debunk some of the most common myths:

“I’m young and healthy; I don’t need travel insurance.”

Even if you’re in good health, accidents and sickness can occur at any moment. It is essential to be prepared, especially if you’re exploring exotic destinations in developing countries. Adequate travel insurance will protect you financially in the event of a medical emergency.

“Medical care abroad is cheap.”

While it is true that medical costs in some countries are lower, this does not mean that medical care is free. You may not have to pay to visit a doctor or go to an emergency department in Canada, but it could be completely different abroad. 

More serious medical treatments, such as an operation or repatriation, can have significant costs. It is essential to have travel insurance to protect you financially in such situations.

“I’m already covered through my credit card.”

Some high-end credit cards provide coverage for shorter trips, generally between 7 and 21 days. However, this coverage is often limited and can include additional conditions, such as using the credit card to purchase your plane ticket. 

Moreover, if you are backpacking for a longer period of time, it is unlikely that you will be covered by your credit card. It is preferable to purchase travel insurance specifically for backpackers, which offers adequate coverage for the duration of your trip.


Things to keep in mind when on a backpacking trip

- If you intend to rent a scooter or motorcycle, be sure to check your travel insurance’s conditions. Some may not cover accidents related to these vehicles. And it would be a shame to end up with your arm in a cast and a hefty bill to pay.

- Another important point to consider is that adventure travel or staying in hostels can occasionally lead to opportunities for socializing, meeting new people, and engaging in social gatherings. If you drink a lot of alcohol and have an accident, your travel insurance might not reimburse you. Be cautious.

- If you love extreme sports, such as scuba diving or skydiving, make sure that your travel insurance covers this type of high-risk activity. It’s better to be covered if things go wrong.

Don’t overlook the importance of good travel insurance for your backpacking adventures. Protect yourself financially in case of a medical emergency or problems during your trip. Don’t let these details ruin your experience.


Mishaps make for good stories as long as you have good travel insurance!

Don’t let myths regarding the cost of medical care abroad prevent you from taking this necessary precaution. Travel insurance is affordable and gives you peace of mind during your adventures. Don’t compromise your health and safety—choose the right travel insurance for backpackers.

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