Discovering the Inspiring Story of Charlie Rousseau, A soNomad Ambassador

You would love to travel, but lack the courage to take the first step? Get inspired by Charlie Rousseau, a soNomad ambassador.

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Discovering the Inspiring Story of Charlie Rousseau, A soNomad Ambassador

You would love to travel, but lack the courage to take the first step? 

Get inspired by Charlie Rousseau, a soNomad ambassador. Despite the challenges, Charlie is pursuing her dream of travelling around the world and has already visited 17 countries at only 26. She regularly shares her travel adventures on TikTok and Instagram, where she has a community of loyal subscribers. Charlie is a model for travellers looking for inspiration and courage.

Discover this exclusive interview with Charlie and enter into her fascinating world of travel, where positivity and joie de vivre are the keys to her philosophy of life.

1. What do you do to be able to travel so much?

© Charlie Rousseau

“Three years ago, I officially became an entrepreneur.

I started my own radio business, as my studies were in radio broadcasting, but I also promote artists who want their songs played on the radio.

I can therefore do this job from anywhere in the world and travel at the same time. I am a digital nomad.”

2. How many countries have you visited so far and which one is your favourite?

© Charlie Rousseau

“Up until now, I’ve been fortunate to visit 17 countries, and 18 is my lucky number. So I’m anxious to see what number 18 will be.

As for my favourites, I have to say one place I love is Costa Rica, but also Panama, specifically Bocas Del Toro.

I think that I’m an island girl, I love islands, Isla Mujeres, Tenerife, Santorini, I love islands.”

3. What destination would you recommend for a first independent trip?

© Charlie Rousseau

“I don’t travel using all-inclusive packages and if I were to recommend a destination for a first independent trip, it would definitely be Costa Rica.

It’s not too far from Canada, they speak very good English so if you don’t speak Spanish, this is a good thing.

Also, it's safe, the weather is good and you can sometimes get good deals on airfare.”

4. What’s the best way to make friends while travelling?

© Charlie Rousseau

“I think the best way to make friends while travelling is to stay in hostels!

You can also go on tours, such as walking tours, and don't miss out on welcome drinks that are offered for free in some hostels.

If you develop a connection with someone during an activity, approach them and invite them to a restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. Making like-minded friends can happen in unexpected ways.

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Another option could be to join interest-specific groups on social media platforms, such as Facebook groups.

Lastly, try to go out to places that match your vibe and interests."

5. Since you’re a digital nomad, how do you manage your work while travelling?

© Charlie Rousseau

“I often rely on Canadian schedules and therefore use Canadian time.

For example, when I work from Europe, I adjust my schedule to start work later to align with Canadian time.

Juggling time zones is super important for me to make sure I can effectively manage my time.”

6. What are your top 5 must-do activities in Costa Rica?

© Charlie Rousseau

"When in Costa Rica, there are five activities that I highly recommend.

First, check out the hot springs in Monteverde or La Fortuna if you have the opportunity to go to the mountains.

Second, rafting is a must-do activity, and you can even use it as transportation from one city to another instead of travelling by bus.

Third, I recommend visiting the national parks where you can see monkeys and sloths.

Fourth, if you're looking to party, head to Jacó which is a great city for surfing and learning to surf. I learned to surf in Jacó and it's one of the best spots in Costa Rica!

Finally, surfing is definitely a must-do activity in Costa Rica. You can take surfing lessons anywhere and they're not very expensive."

7. What advice do you have for someone who wants to travel, but feels fearful and hesitant?

© Charlie Rousseau

“The advice that I would give people who want to travel, but are afraid to do so, is to just go for it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the thing that will make you the most proud at the end of the day. 

So, try it and you'll see how much it can help you grow!"

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