How to Secure Travel Insurance for Your Child's Backpacking Trip Abroad

If you're a parent, you certainly understand the pride of seeing your children spread their wings and set off to explore the world!

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How to Secure Travel Insurance for Your Child's Backpacking Trip Abroad

If you're a parent, you certainly understand the pride of seeing your children spread their wings and set off to explore the world! Their first backpacking trip is an adventure that will shape their worldview and character for the rest of their lives.

Of course, you'll likely want to share countless bits of advice from your own travel experiences. 

You understand how amazing it feels to witness stunning landscapes, explore fascinating cultures, and meet unforgettable people. Your travel memories probably still resonate in your mind. What a joy to know you can relive those moments through their eyes!

If your experience as a traveller has taught you anything, it's never to leave without travel insurance. A mishap can quickly spoil the adventure. When planning a backpacking trip, it's easy to get carried away by the excitement of preparations: choosing destinations to explore, establishing an itinerary, and carefully packing your bags. So, you know that travel insurance might not be at the top of your children's planning list.

Why not step in and give them the gift of worry-free adventures by securing travel insurance on their behalf? This little gesture ensures they can fully enjoy their experience without stressing over the ups and downs of the journey. It's a win-win plan for everyone!

Why Get Travel Insurance for Your Children During Their Backpacking Trip?

Thinking about the safety of your daughter or son during their trip abroad is a natural concern for any parent. You've seen them grow and evolve; now, they're ready to discover the world independently. As parents, you're there to guide, advise, and protect them, even when you're not physically by their side.

For your peace of mind and theirs

Your children, being healthy young adults, may not see travel insurance as a priority. After all, they feel invincible, ready to face any challenges the journey may present.

This is where your experience as a seasoned traveller comes into play. You know that even the most intrepid adventurers are not immune to accidents.

Protection in Case of Medical Emergencies

Medical travel insurance will allow them to fully enjoy their experience worry-free. No matter where your children are in the world, travel insurance will guarantee them quick access to necessary healthcare in case of a medical emergency. 

Moreover, if they require assistance, travel insurance provides round-the-clock professional support to help them navigate any challenges they encounter.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage (Including Trip Cancellation and Interruption)

In addition to providing medical protection in case of emergencies, comprehensive travel insurance can also offer coverage for a variety of other situations that could disrupt your children's experience abroad. 

For example, if their flight is delayed or cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions or technical problems, comprehensive travel insurance can cover additional expenses such as meals and accommodation.

Likewise, if their luggage is lost or stolen, comprehensive travel insurance can provide compensation to replace lost items, saving them from having to bear this unexpected loss financially. These small details may seem negligible when planning a trip, but they can make all the difference in case of an emergency.

Affordable Travel Insurance for Your Children

Getting a quote online with soNomad for your child's travel insurance is simpler than you think. Gather a few basic details and let the magic happen.

Begin by identifying the destinations your aspiring adventurer intends to explore. Whether it's the volcanic sand beaches of Costa Rica, ancient temples in Thailand, or outdoor trekking adventures in Patagonia, let their wanderlust guide the way.

Then, mention your child's age as well as the departure and return dates for their backpacking trip. If you're considering including trip cancellation and interruption insurance, simply add all prepaid or non-refundable travel expenses (e.g., plane tickets, accommodation, excursions).

Now, to give you a better idea, consider this scenario: your youngest, aged 22, is about to discover the wonders of Guatemala for two weeks. Medical travel insurance with soNomad will cost you only $25.60 to ensure your son for the entire duration of his trip. It costs less than when he blows through the family’s data plan, and it's a relief to know your explorer will be protected against any unforeseen events that come his way.

Multi-Trip Insurance for Globe-Trotters

If you suspect your child will catch the travel bug and plan to travel multiple times a year, go for the annual multi-trip policy instead

To give you an idea of how affordable it is, you, as parents, could get multi-trip travel insurance for your 22-year-old child for only $93! This option will have them covered for all their trips lasting 30 days or less throughout the year, saving them (or most likely you!) from having to ring up the travel insurance company every time they set off.

Prepare Your Children for Limitless Journeys

Encourage your children to fully understand their travel insurance coverage. Remind them to pack a copy of their policy for their journey, ensuring that emergency numbers and claims instructions are readily available if needed.

As parents, your greatest concern is seeing your children return safely from their travels with incredible memories and stories to tell for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? The best adventures start with a simple click for a travel insurance quote with soNomad.

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