Travelling, Sharing, Inspiring: Nathalie Gemme, the soNomad Ambassador Dominating TikTok

Are you dreaming of exploring the world in an authentic and inspiring way? Meet Nathalie Gemme, soNomad ambassador and avid traveller.

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Travelling, Sharing, Inspiring: Nathalie Gemme, the soNomad Ambassador Dominating TikTok

Are you dreaming of exploring the world in an authentic and inspiring way? Meet Nathalie Gemme, soNomad ambassador and avid traveller. With over 40 countries under her belt, she finds her motivation in the unique encounters and intercultural exchanges along the way.

An influential TikToker, Nathalie has garnered millions of views with her videos on TikTok, where she shares her off-the-beaten-path discoveries and unusual experiences.

Embodying the spirit of a modern-day adventurer, Nathalie unveils hidden treasures from around the globe. Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and transformed by her exciting stories and wise advice.

1. Considering your preference towards independent travel rather than all-inclusive resorts, which destination would you recommend for a first solo trip?


"I would recommend Panama because the scenery is as beautiful as Costa Rica but less expensive and safer.

I also really like the Yucatan region in Mexico because there's so much to do. For example, you can visit pyramids and cenotes—which are freshwater underground pools where you can swim. You can see flamingos and experience the more rustic side of Mexico.

In Europe, I really love Spain, Portugal, and Greece. Firstly, because they offer good value for money and there's so much to discover, so much history and the food is really, really good.

In Africa, I would say Morocco is an interesting first country, and it's sunny all year round."

2. Let's talk solo travel. What do you appreciate most about travelling alone?


"What I appreciate most is meeting people I would never have spoken to if I had been with a friend, my partner, or my children because it broadens our horizons. When you're alone, you obviously don't want to spend all your time alone.

Recently, I was in South America for two months. During that time, I found myself in the customs line, waiting to go through customs. It took about an hour, an hour and a quarter. And I started talking to the couple in front of me. It turns out they were from Buenos Aires. They invited me to a restaurant, they came to drop me off at the hotel, and they also invited me to a barbecue with friends. I ended up spending a week with them, and if I had been with a friend, that kind of thing would never have happened.

It's the willingness to reach out to others that we need to embrace. It's really something to experience. It definitely takes a lot of energy, but it's worth it."

3.What are your three must-have travel experiences in South America?


"For me, it was the Atacama Desert in Chile. It's in northern Chile. I felt like I was on another planet in terms of colours. It looks like Mars. And the city itself, I felt like I was on a movie set. All the streets are sandy, if you will. It was unreal in terms of landscape.

Besides that, I loved Buenos Aires, Argentina, for several reasons. Firstly, I felt like I was in Europe... a bit of France and Spain. There's also all the tango culture. I like to dance, so I found it amazing to take tango lessons and go to milongas.

Neighbourhoods like La Boca, where the houses are made of tin and wood. The creepiest cemetery I've seen is in Buenos Aires. And, of course, the meat culture. They eat a lot of barbecue, 'asado' as they say. So, there was that very lively spirit. I really liked Buenos Aires.

And the third is Bolivia, because the landscapes are among the wildest I've seen. On the same day, I saw a white lagoon, a green lagoon, and a pink lagoon. I saw ostriches and flamingos. So, Bolivia is really a favourite. Finally, there's the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, which is the largest salt flat in the world. So, very, very impressive."

4. Do you experience moments of solitude during your travels, and how do you overcome them?


"Yes, I definitely experience moments of solitude. In those times, I go for a walk and get some fresh air. It feels good, changes the mind, changes the ideas!

Also, what I do is call my friends and my children to take my mind off things, and I especially try not to stay in that mindset. I try to plan a guided city tour or join a group activity the next day. It could be taking a wine class or visiting the city.

Often, there are free tours that we can find in each city. So, the best is to take part in these events to meet people and avoid ending up alone in that pattern.

5.How many countries have you explored, and which has particularly stood out to you?


"I've visited about forty countries, mostly the Americas. North America, Central America, South America, Europe, a bit of Africa, and a bit of Asia. So, the country that left the biggest impression on me varies depending on the reason.

If we think about beaches, I love the beaches of Greece with the pink sand. Indonesia, I also really loved.

In terms of landscapes, what really struck me? When considering northern Chile, specifically the San Pedro de Atacama region, and Bolivia for their landscapes, it feels as though we're truly... as if we're on another planet.

The silence, the silence of the Sahara desert, that really struck me.

And I would say that my biggest change of scenery was when I went to the Middle East, to Qatar. It's something to experience once in your life, at least.

And for food and wine, I would go back tomorrow morning to Sicily, Italy, to drink delicious wine and eat the food of Italian mammas."

6. Which destination would you recommend for a first solo trip?


"When we ask Canadians: "What is the number one criterion when you decide on a destination?" Canadians answer: safety.

So, if you're looking for a really safe country, there's obviously Switzerland, which is quite expensive. So, if you can afford it, I recommend it. Incredible landscapes, the mountains, the Alps, it's wonderful.

Panama is a good option if you're looking for something cheaper. It's even safer than Canada. When you look at the top safest countries on Numbeo, you'll see that Panama ranks as a good destination in Central America.

Otherwise, there's Asia, which has a very good value for money. The best country to start a solo trip is Thailand because it's really well organized for tourism.

Additionally, there's Bali, a destination where you'll encounter a distinct culture from our own, yet immerse yourself in its spiritual essence, stunning beaches, and delicious cuisine.

In short, those are my recommendations."

7. What advice would you give to someone who wants to travel but can't find anyone to accompany them?


"First of all, I would say, go for it! Because, what is ironic is that even if you travel alone, you rarely end up alone. I've just returned from a two-month trip to South America, where I travelled solo, and I was rarely alone.

The way I did it was by staying in hostels. People told me, "Hostels are for young people. It's in dormitories. I'm not interested."

You have to know that it has evolved. You can now have private rooms with your own bathroom in hostels. When you feel like relaxing quietly, you can go back to your room.

When you feel like socializing, you just go to the common areas and talk to other travellers. People are there to mingle and chat. So, it's easy to meet people that way.

Another way I found was to take classes. If you like, for example, doing yoga, learning a language, whether it's cocktail classes or surfing classes, so all over the world, you'll find schools and that way, you'll meet other travellers who share the same passion as you.

Thirdly, I discovered guided city tours available on  GuruWalk. These tours are offered for free in all cities, providing an opportunity to meet other travellers. I met several people through these city tours. So, those are my three little tricks."

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