Planning a trip to another province? Do not forget your travel insurance!

Unexpected health problems or sudden injuries may unfortunately occur during a trip. Get protected today.

Travel insurance for other provinces in Canada

Planning to take advantage of the Canadian landscape? Canada is a great country, rich in culture and filled with majestic landscapes. Whether your plan is to visit the rocky mountains and majestic lakes, Niagara Falls, or even a visit to Nova Scotia, memories will remain forever engraved in your heart.

However, no one is safe from an accident like an unfortunate leg injury during a hike in the mountains. As Canadians, we are fortunate to have a public health system for each of the respective provinces. How about when we travel outside of our province? Are we well protected during a stay in the rest of Canada?

Our provincial governments are taking care of our medical bills in our own province, so we do not see what the costs of treatment or health services are being returned to us. Quite honestly, we do not stop and think about the cost of the services in question and they could be much higher than we think.

So, what happens if we are suddenly sick or injured in another province?

When we leave our province of residence, our provincial health insurance plan doesn't cover any incidental costs, such as ambulance, evacuation, or medical air evacuation outside your home province. If you are not prepared for unforeseen expenses, you may be very surprised and have significant financial consequences.

How does travel insurance work?

Hospital emergency medical travel insurance is like provincial health coverage, but it is designed for travelers and only covers unforeseen medical emergencies. This insurance covers all medical care and emergency hospitalizations with assistance services that are available to you 24/7, in case of illness or injury. When medical care is required, you should contact emergency assistance, who will arrange direct billing with medical providers where possible so that you are not stuck paying for your treatments or those of your loved ones, thus avoiding you from applying for a refund afterward.

Whenever you leave your home province, consider supplementing your provincial health plan with travel insurance. For a few dollars a day, it is designed to pay for what the provincial plans do not cover. In addition to emergency hospital medical care, this insurance has other benefits if you need to be hospitalized, such as bringing a family member to your bedside, returning your rental vehicle, or even helping with the cost of returning your pet.

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