Your Ultimate DIY Guide to Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

This tropical paradise is divided into two areas: French Saint Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten.

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Your Ultimate DIY Guide to Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

If you dream of a little piece of paradise in the Caribbean, whether for an all-inclusive stay or a bed and breakfast option, the island of Saint Martin is the perfect place for travellers who enjoy both all-inclusive experiences and independent adventures.

This tropical paradise is divided into two areas: French Saint Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten. French is the official language in Saint Martin, while English and Dutch predominate in Sint Maarten. Spanish, French Creole, and Papiamento are spoken throughout the island. No matter where you go, you won't have any trouble being understood!

Explore both sides of the island

Embrace a two-in-one experience on Saint-Martin Island!!

On one side, European refinement characterizes the French part, embodied by the charming capital, Marigot, and its French pastry delights.

On the other side, the Dutch part, with vibrant Philipsburg, offers a relaxed atmosphere and lively nightlife.

Don't limit yourself to just one choice! The charm of this small island lies in the ease of moving from one side to the other. Whether you opt for an all-inclusive stay or stay in a hotel, here are the must-do activities in Saint Martin:

Watch planes land at Maho Beach

One of the most unique experiences in Sint Maarten is watching planes land on the world-famous runway at Maho Beach. Located near Princess Juliana International Airport, this beach offers a spectacular view of planes descending towards the runway, very close to the white sand.

You can hear and feel the tremendous blast of airplane engines passing overhead. Check the Princess Juliana International Airport website for plane arrival times.

Be safe and avoid putting your towel down in the way of passing planes' engines. Make sure to protect your eyes from the lifted sand by covering them or seeking shelter. Additionally, due to the intense noise of the engines (over 120 dB), protect your ears with earplugs.

Guaranteed thrills, this activity is popular with both children and adults!

Stroll in Philipsburg

Immerse yourself in history by exploring the old streets of Philipsburg, the capital of the Dutch part. Colourful buildings, bustling markets, and quaint shops create a warm atmosphere.

Explore Old Street, a beautiful reconstruction of a Dutch street, where you can enjoy a relaxed walk and capture stunning photos. Don't miss visiting Fort Amsterdam for a breathtaking view of the city and the ocean.

Visit Marigot and taste the best croissants in the Caribbean

Head to Marigot, the capital of the French side, to experience a more relaxed atmosphere. Stroll through streets lined with elegant shops, then stop by a local bakery to taste fresh croissants and other pastry delights.

Rent a car to tour the island

If you have the desire to explore, renting a car is the best option. The time it takes to tour the island of Saint Martin by car depends on various factors such as traffic, road conditions, and the stops you plan to make. The island's circumference is about 87 kilometres, representing a journey of about 2 hours without stops.

Climb to the summit of Pic Paradis

Less than 20 minutes by car from Grand Case, Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island of Saint Martin, offers breathtaking panoramas.

Whether you hike 45 minutes from Loterie Farm or take a car until the road ends, then walk for ten minutes, the climb is worth the experience.

At the top, several spectacular viewpoints offer a 360-degree view of the entire island. Up there, the pure air of the Caribbean and the serenity of the landscape make this escapade a privileged moment to recharge.

Enjoy the beaches

Are you seeking tranquillity, exciting water activities, or just soaking up the Caribbean sun? These beaches will fulfill all your desires.

Grand Case Beach

Relax on the soft sand and enjoy the translucent water of Grand Case Beach. After a day in the sun, immerse yourself in the excitement of the streets of Grand Case, known for their exceptional gastronomic scene.

Orient Bay

Enter the world of Orient Bay, often hailed as one of the most sparkling beaches in Saint Martin. You'll find fine sand, crystal-clear waters, and an electrifying atmosphere with lively beach bars. It's the perfect place to sunbathe, snorkel, or sip exotic cocktails while admiring the ocean.

Plum Bay

If you dream of a quieter getaway, let yourself be charmed by Plum Bay. It's the ideal place for a relaxing day, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist areas.

Baie Rouge

Baie Rouge offers a unique backdrop with its white sand and iconic brightly coloured door, perfect for memorable photos. You can stroll and swim in this magical place.

Happy Bay

An adventure awaits to reach the splendid secluded beach of Happy Bay, accessible only by a short hike.

To access it from Friar's Bay Beach, head north, where you'll find the start of the La Piste Anse Guichard trail. This trail along the cliffs offers postcard-worthy views!

Upon arrival, you'll discover this pristine beach surrounded by lush greenery.

Embark on a day trip to Saint Barthélemy

Just 45 minutes by boat, you don't want to miss a day trip to the famous French island of "Saint Barth"! It's not an island of millionaires, but billionaires! This is where the super-rich spend their vacations.

You'll need your passport for immigration. Arriving by boat, you can admire the luxurious villas perched on the island.

The ferry will drop you off in Gustavia, the capital. You can explore the picturesque streets on foot, where you'll find shops of top designers, art galleries, and charming cafes. You can also walk to Shell Beach.

The good life in the Caribbean!

The idea of ​​travelling to the island of Saint Martin offers a variety of experiences that will satisfy all types of travellers. Whether you are drawn to beaches, history, gastronomy, or outdoor adventures, this Caribbean island will fulfill your desires.

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