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Our purpose: changing travel

SoNomad was created because we believe the travel insurance industry needs change. It needs to be more customer-friendly, less complicated and less intimidating.

With soNomad we have built a company that is simple, fast, and affordable. And that thrives in a culture that values excellence, positive change, innovation and inclusion. We believe travel brings the world closer together and makes it better.

And we also believe that all travellers have the right to affordable travel insurance.

Who we are

Industry veterans. Passionate. Devoted to our mission. Customer-focussed.

Profile picture of Mat Laplante

Mathieu Laplante

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Profile picture of Eve Murphy

Eve Murphy

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Profile picture of Patrick Lavoie

Patrick Lavoie

Chief Strategy Officer

Profile Picture of Louis-Philippe Meunier

Louis-Philippe Meunier

Chief Technology Officer

Profile Picture of Chantal Giroux

Chantal Giroux

Director of finance and administration

Our Mission

We’re not a typical travel insurance company. We exist to reinvent the travel insurance industry. We are a customer-first company to ensure our customers save money. That’s it.

We believe that disrupting the way travel insurance is experienced means a better form of travel insurance for everyone. One that is:


Better value






Innovative, digital-first and tech-driven

We want to ensure that everyone can benefit from travel insurance. We believe the travel industry lacks innovation and this hurts the consumer - and the industry. We see an industry that needs a new model, and we aim to provide it.

Our Values

Our Culture defines soNomad. It’s what makes us different and is a key driver for our continued success.

We believe in being different and disruptive in the industry. Not for the sake of being different but because we believe travel insurance can and should be better for consumers.

soNomad was created to help consumers. This includes providing best-in-class customer service, taking care to explain what consumers are purchasing and ensuring they know why they are purchasing it.

We want to create positive change in the industry and the lives of our customers

Our employees are a part of this change. soNomad is customer-centric. Travel is a positive experience and the purchase of travel insurance should be positive as well. We must always remember that travel insurance is an important part of every journey.

We believe in excellence in everything we do, from customer service to the personal growth of our people.

We want to be the best and that includes how we treat each other. As a remote work environment, certain employees may sometimes feel separate from the company. We encourage employees to speak up and speak out and are building and maintaining systems to encourage team building.

We expect more from ourselves.

We want to be the best place to work, even though we operate in a remote work environment. Just as we want to ensure our customers receive the best service and the best travel insurance products at the best price, we want to create an environment where every employee can be their best selves.

We are detail-oriented and believe all details are important.

When we get the details right, the overall product improves. Our brand is not just about the best price, but about being the best, anticipating client needs and delivering.

We are passionate in our focus in getting amazing results.

Travel is our passion. Customer service is our passion. When we add those together, we think the results become obvious. We want to encourage word-of-mouth and return clients because our service is the best, and that includes price.

We believe in investing time in becoming experts, and pride ourselves in being a trusted authentic source of information.

soNomad is a service. We sell more than travel insurance: we sell peace-of-mind. Liberty. Freedom. We invest in our teams and employees because we want to ensure that no one leaves their soNomad experience unsatisfied.

We are customer-focussed and go above and beyond what is expected of us.

We encourage our employees to go beyond what is expected on the customer-service front. Whether this means the best web experience or the best experience on the phone, our commitment to high standards and service separates us from our competition.

We break through boundaries and believe there are no limits in what we can achieve.

soNomad is growing and we hope our employees grow with us. Our growth as individuals will lift soNomad higher.

We innovate together, in an inclusive culture that respects differences.

We believe that all employees must be their authentic selves. Authenticity means mutual respect and working in a culture that values everyone.

We learn from our mistakes and always seek to improve.

soNomad strives to get better and better. We learn from our mistakes. We make adjustments and improvements. If our employees have a suggestion, we are continuously building systems to act on those suggestions.

We believe in integrity and honesty and authenticity.

We believe that the best service, the best product and the best customer experience is the result of a happy, healthy, inclusive work force.

We will always strive to build the best team in the industry.

soNomad is the sum of its parts. Every employee is a piece of a puzzle. We want to continue to grow, to educate, to nurture. Being the best team is hard work. But it’s also a great reward. A great team attracts more talent. Our goal is to provide the best travel insurance experience. And that starts with attracting the best talent to the best team.

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

soNomad is committed to playing its part to help build a sustainable future for now and for generations to come. We want to make a positive impact on society and the planet. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. This is why we do not transact our business by mail. Our training guides, brand book and employee guides are electronic. We are decentralized. Our employees do not have to drive to work.

As soNomad evolves and grows, the impacts of our small changes will also evolve and grow, as will our genuine commitment to sustainability.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Integrity, Inclusion and Equality

soNomad is committed to fostering an environment and culture that encourages our team to come to work as their whole selves. We want everyone to be authentic in order that they can achieve their true potential.

We believe that everyone’s commitment leads to soNomad’s overall success. We welcome everyone because our business is for everyone.

We prioritize the importance of work-life balance and believe we can make constant improvements to achieve better results.