7 Most Popular Sunny Getaways This Winter

Ready to swap your winter boots for flip-flops and your heavy coat for a swimsuit? Pack your bags and get ready to embark on a journey at one of the seven most visited winter destinations!

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7 Most Popular Sunny Getaways This Winter

Ready to swap your winter boots for flip-flops and your heavy coat for a swimsuit? Pack your bags and get ready to embark on a journey at one of the seven most visited winter destinations!

Picture yourself lounging in turquoise waters, sipping an exotic cocktail while watching an enchanting sunset, or exploring lively streets, immersed in the intoxicating rhythm of local music.

Escape to these seven tropical gems where the sun shines bright, and excitement awaits at every corner.


Unsurprisingly, Florida ranks among the most visited destinations by soNomad's clients. It's a classic escape from the cold! For Canadians considering spending their first winter as snowbirds in Florida, the Sunshine State offers warmth, beaches, and tons of activities for all tastes. 

The variety of its regions offers endless opportunities for getaways. Take the Keys, for instance—they're like a hidden paradise waiting to be explored by those in the know. Don’t miss out on West Palm Beach or discover St. Augustine. Florida is a treasure trove overflowing with lesser-known gems. Whether for last-minute family vacations or spontaneous getaways, Orlando and its parks like Walt Disney World are an unbeatable option.


California shines as a top winter spot with Canadians, thanks to its varied attractions and sunny weather, providing an ideal break from the winter chill.

Southern California invites you to explore its picturesque coasts, majestic mountains, and captivating deserts. This region, known as SoCal, offers a multitude of exciting activities promising a stay rich in discoveries.

In winter, Canadian snowbirds seeking warmth find refuge in California's hot and sunny climate. Popular destinations include San Diego, Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara, and the Coachella Valley. With its spectacular coastline, San Diego immerses you in a year-round summer atmosphere, while Laguna Beach offers breathtaking ocean views. Santa Barbara and the Coachella Valley each add their unique touch to this palette of sunny winter destinations in California.


Given the increasing number of Canadians settling in Mexico, it's hardly surprising that this destination is among the most popular for a winter getaway. Mexico unfolds a range of enchanting places for a radiant winter and unforgettable experiences. Beyond the frenzy of Cancun, the Yucatan Peninsula awakens wanderlust and invites exploration. From Mayan ruins to hidden cenotes, you'll find an authentic escape far from the usual tourist circuits. 

Mexico goes far beyond Cancun. Discover picturesque towns like Izamal, the paradisiacal islands of Holbox, turtle encounters in Akumal, and diving adventures in Cozumel. Moreover, the arrival of a new scenic train will facilitate the exploration of this region rich in wonders.

Among these sunny destinations, Playa del Carmen stands out. With its warm climate, spectacular beaches, and varied activities, Playa del Carmen charms many snowbirds seeking winter warmth.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic stays at the forefront for travellers in search of a traditional winter escape, boasting a range of all-inclusive accommodations that still enchant Canadian visitors. No matter where your desires take you, this destination doesn't disappoint, which is why it remains a classic choice for a getaway. 

In Punta Cana, marvel at the Grand Bahia Principe Fantasia to give your family a unique holiday experience. In Bavaro, enchanting beaches and relaxation await you. Don't miss the excursion to Saona for an extraordinary adventure. For a distinctive experience, La Romana's selection of luxury hotels makes it the perfect choice.

If you're looking for an experience away from all-inclusive hotels, consider renting an apartment on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, whether in Cabarete (near Puerto Plata airport) or Las Terrenas (close to Samana airport). Safety, affordability, culinary delights, paradisiacal beaches, expat communities, and various activities make the Dominican Republic a gem for snowbirds, families, and digital nomads.

Turks and Caicos Islands

When the call of winter sun resonates, the Turks and Caicos Islands stand out as a dream destination. For many Canadian travellers, the Club Med in Turks and Caicos is a tropical sanctuary where every detail is designed to offer an exceptional experience. With its radiant sun and pristine waters, the beaches at this Club Med stand out as some of the world's most exquisite, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation and swimming.

Beyond the enchanting backdrop of Turks and Caicos, this Club Med offers a multitude of activities for all tastes. Guests can savour delicious exotic dishes in restaurants that capture local and international flavours. With entertainment, excursions, shows, and a full range of activities for the whole family, the Club Med in Turks and Caicos stands as a true corner of paradise where every moment is an adventure.


This winter, the island of Saint-Martin emerges as one of the most coveted destinations in the Caribbean, attracting a growing crowd of travellers seeking escape. Everyone wants to be there to enjoy the sun and dreamy beaches.

On this island, there are two worlds: on one side, the chic French part of Saint-Martin, with Marigot, its charming capital, and its pastries, which are worth the trip alone. On the other side, discover the Dutch part, with Philipsburg, which offers a more relaxed atmosphere and lively nightlife.

Regardless of your vacation style, all-inclusive or DIY, many activities await you in Sint Maarten. For a unique experience, admire planes flying over Maho Beach, stroll through the lively streets of Philipsburg, or enjoy fresh croissants in Marigot. You can also immerse yourself in the panoramic view from Pic Paradis or relax on idyllic beaches like Baie Orientale and Baie Rouge.


In Europe, Spain continues to stand out this winter, attracting a large number of Canadians, and the Costa del Sol stands out among the most popular destinations.

Departing from Montreal, a flight to Malaga opens the doors to a journey rich in discoveries. Torremolinos proves to be an excellent base for exploring Andalusia's cultural and architectural richness. Offering a mix of sunny beaches, lively streets, and vibrant nightlife, Torremolinos attracts visitors seeking a lively atmosphere.

If you rent a car, plan getaways to iconic sites such as Granada, Seville, Nerja, Frigiliana, Cordoba, Ronda, and Marbella.

Local gastronomy, with dishes like pescaíto and sweet wines like "Málaga," will delight the taste buds of visitors seeking unique culinary experiences.

Are you ready for a winter escape?

soNomad's clients have spoken, unveiling the hottest winter destinations. Sparkling beaches, exotic adventures, and unforgettable moments await! Will you be tempted by one of these destinations for a winter getaway?

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